Accolades for

"The Journals of Emlyn Harness"


Clayton Laurence Cheek

"What a man! What a life! What a journey! It just goes to show that survivors were, and still are, the backbone of this country, and their stories are one of the main sources of inspiration." 

Waylon Jennings, Country Music Legend


"The Journals of Emlyn Harness by Clayton Laurence Cheek is an exciting, emotional, well wrought tale set in the old west. The engaging novel is presented partly through journal entries represented by a written script simulating sleek handwriting, and partly with more traditionally typeset text narration. The Journals of Emlyn Harness is highly recommended with its unique narrative flavor coloring a gritty, personal saga steeped with the feel of the hot sun and the memories of a bygone era."

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch
October 2002


"Like some of Orson Scott Card's books, The Journals of Emlyn Harness combines historical fiction and science fiction in a very appealing way. I was so pleased that the tone established on the first page continued through the entire book. Clayton Laurence Cheek has a gift for presenting well-crafted pictures and inspiring creative ideas in words, along with a touch of romance throughout The Journals of Emlyn Harness. I loved the humorous twists and found the surprise ending delightful. I enjoyed it so much I could hardly put it down. I'm ready for the next book, The Journals of Emlyn Harness: In the Wake of Dreaming."

Emily Stewart, Ph.D., Educator and Past President, The Association for the Gifted


"The Journals of Emlyn Harness is a rollicking. picaresque Western, replete with indelible characters and surprising plot twists. The pages turn easily as Cheek spins a colorful tale of the West in the late 19th Century, as seen through the eyes of Emlyn Harness, gentleman, scholar and adventurer, a man who is always dreaming of a place 'a little farther west.' Enlarged with mystical overtones, punctuated with episodes of suspense, and leavened with good humor, The Journals of Emlyn Harness is pure reading pleasure." 

Dan Tyler, Author, "Music City Confidential."


"Absolutely brilliant! I'm amazed that Clayton Laurence Cheek can imagine such a journey and unfold this adventure so beautifully on paper. As I read The Journals of Emlyn Harness, to pull myself from the pages and return to my workday was no easy task. What an incredible story! I savored every word. The imagery and descriptive richness of his writing brings such life to a truly remarkable story" 

Nikki Mitchell, Pilot, Co-Author, "A Bridge of Wings: The Commemorative Flight of the Rodina"


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading "The Journals of Emlyn Harness." I was especially taken with the constant interplay between various elements - the present and the past, the real and surreal, the practical and the magical, the historical story and the science fiction tale. The pattern of many smaller stories blending into one larger narrative also added to my interest. The subtle touches were engaging, as well. I was amused by the many esoteric references in the tale - little gifts to those of us who've read other unusual books. I feel safe in saying that "The Journals of Emlyn Harness" is undoubtedly the only story of the Old West which refers to the breakdown of the bicameral mind. My thanks to Clayton Laurence Cheek for providing me with many hours of pleasure, as I read 'The Journals of Emlyn Harness.' When's the next one coming out?"

Bill Haymes, Singer/Songwriter